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Chakra Meditation

Catch a Glimpse of Your Future in Seconds!  Specialized in All Forms of Divination.


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See what the stars have in store for you! 

  • Are you on the right path? 
  • Are you with your Soulmate? 
  • What is your Destiny in life?   

My name is Kniki, I’m a Master Astrologer  and I can give you the answers you need.   There's far more to Astrology then just knowing your  Astrology Sign and reading your daily/weekly horoscope.   Give me your Date, Time and Place of Birth. With this information,  I will find out exactly where all the planets were positioned at the time of your birth.    I will tell you exactly what each of the  Astrological Signs and Planets have to say about you, your personality and where you are going in life.   

Also, you may want to do a Compatibility Chart,  to find out how you and your partner are together, in  Love, Business and Friendship.

Call Today for A Better Tomorrow!   I'm Only One Phone Call Away!


Tarot Card Readings

  Find out what your future holds and get the answers you need! 

  • Is he/she thinking about me? 
  • Will I find a new job? 
  • When will I move? 
  • Will I ever find True Love? 

I can help you with these and all other Questions. No Problem is too Big or too small.   I can also help you with taboo subjects, like; addiction, abortion, adultery, bad karma, desires, jealousy or sickness. 

The Tarot Cards are a very powerful tool and I can use them to your advantage.  Know who you can trust and who to keep at arm’s reach.  Find out who your true friends are, know what other people are thinking and how they feel about you.  

I use the Tarot Cards to keep my life running smooth! As a Wife, Mother and Advice Giver, I can’t afford any unforeseen circumstances disrupting my Home, Family or Friends. So I use this powerful tool, to avoid problems before they arise.  


Your story is unique, and you hold its secrets in the palm of your hands.

The first three major lines in your palm were created in utero, while you are being developed in your mother's womb. These three lines that formed in the palms of your hands will tell you... how long you're going to live, what kind of life you're going to have, and what your love life is going to be like.

If you look closely at your palms you will discover, they resemble that of road maps. That’s because, they are Road Maps.  These maps, that God/The Universe gave you, will tell you how many time you are going to get married, how many kid you are going to have and the quality of your health and life. 

Do you ever wonder…

  • Where life is taking you. 
  • What does fate have in store for you? 
  • What direction you are going in.

You hold all the answers right in the palm of your hand and I can help you unlock its secrets, by reading your palms.  

Artwork By 

Josephine Wall 


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