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Commonly referred to as "The Third Eye", this chakra is ruled by Neptune. People who are highly imaginative, coming up with original and insightful ideas have an open 6TH Chakra. Artists, musicians and inventors will frequently mention that the idea "just came to me". That's because they are allowing this chakra to "feel" incoming messages, "intuitions and dreams". Usually, the whole concept appears suddenly, and then they become driven in an effort to "share and express their message" to others.

People with blocked 6TH Chakra's lack imagination, sadly. Even when provided with a visual image of an abstract concept (did you have problems with algebra or physics?) they may not be able to grasp the logic behind the idea. Wholistic concepts are difficult for these people to understand. People on drugs who experience "visions" are getting these strange realizations from this higher dimension. Because they lack conscious control it just flows out as disturbing patterns and concepts.

HOW TO STRENGTHEN YOUR 6TH CHAKRA: In order for this energy to smoothly function you must have an awareness of yourself as a spiritual being, and the other 5 chakras must be in balance, otherwise the incoming "visions" creates a chaotic disturbance of images. During the Sixties there was nothing worse than a "hippy" who had "seen God" and rambled about snippets of Truth.
Live a life-style that has supportive, sustaining, and healthy routines. Attend to your dreams (keep a journal of your dreams), meditate or pray at regular times of the day, and listen to your unconsciousness. How many times do you berate yourself by saying, "If only I had listened to myself"? If nothing else, keep a journal of all your ideas, mental images, hunches, "ah-ha" moments, and intuitions. This small practice will help you to verify your own spiritual gifts and abilities. By meditating and trusting my intuition, I was able to "know" a year in advance before both of my children were to be born. Being intuitive is nothing more than paying attention to the subtle flows of energy - it is not the dramatic stuff that you see in Hollywood's special effects! Allow yourself quiet moments so you can hear Spirit's whispers - everything you need to know is right there inside your mind, but it will not scream at you! 

Powers & Attributes:

Neptune: Planet Of Illusion

Neptune, another of the outer planets, was discovered in 1846. Its slow orbit around our zodiac ensures that its effect is generational in nature.

Neptune's glyph is the trident of Poseidon, God of the Seas. Much about this planet is fluid (Neptune rules the oceans of the Earth), changeable and illusory in nature. Dreams, illusion, abstract thought and the mysterious are all governed by Neptune. Our spirituality is important to this planet, and how we harness that energy for our personal betterment. Neptune invites us to let its energy wash over us and to use a meditative state to gain insights and heightened awareness. Poetry, music and dance are among the trance-like activities which this planet favors.

Neptune does have its showier side, as it rules movies, television, theater, fashion and all forms of glamour. In essence, Neptune is creating an illusion -- of what is enchanting on the outside and captivating within. Neptune has a mystique which doesn't reveal itself easily. It can be a poser, too, dabbling in flattery -- and subversion.

The shadow side of Neptune is akin to the aging star who cannot make one more curtain. When the lights are low, this planet plays in a netherworld of drugs, alcohol, trances and hypnosis. Neptunian energy reeks of escapism on its darker days, a sea of delusion, hypochondria and abnormality. Sleep and dreams are also lorded over by this planet. At the end of the day, Neptune keeps coming at you -- how will you receive it?

It takes Neptune 165 years to complete its whirl around the zodiac, spending roughly 14 years at each sign. It is feminine energy and rules Pisces and the Twelfth House. Neptune is known as the higher octave of Venus and is the second of the transcendental planets.